Vishnu Purana Gatha Full Episode

The Hindu scripture is the Vedas. The essence of the Vedas is the Upanishads and the essence of the Upanishads is the Gita. Other texts are texts on history, tradition and ritual. Purana means oldest. oldest. Valmiki Ramayana, Vedas’s Mahabharata and Puranas come in the history texts. Vishnu Purana is one of these 18 Puranas. Come let’s know brief information about it.

This Purana is smaller than other Puranas. Now only seven thousand verses are found in it.

This Purana has been composed by Parashara Rishi, the grandson of Maharishi Vasistha and father of Vedavyasa.

In this Purana, there is a description about Lord Vishnu and his devotees, in which there are very interesting stories.

In this Purana the description of the incarnations of Vishnu will be found, in which there is a special mention of Shri Krishna character and Ram Katha.

This Purana has six chapters. In the first, there are interesting stories of the origin of the universe and the nature of time, as well as the stories of Dhruva, Prithu and Prahlad. In the second, the description of all the worlds and the nine segments of the earth as well as the description of the planets and constellations will be found. In the third, the description of Manvantara period, expansion of Veda branches, household religion and Shradh method etc. will be found. In the fourth there is a description of the kings of the Sun dynasty and the Chandra dynasty and their genealogies. Pancham describes Shri Krishna’s character and his pastimes. In the end, in the sixth chapter, the knowledge of holocaust and salvation will be found.