What is plasma? Who needs it? Who can give? Find out the answer to the question that arises with plasma

What is plasma:

If there is one name that is most heard with Corona these days it is Plasma. There are many arguments in the minds of people regarding plasma and also there are dilemmas in the minds of people about donating it. Then know what plasma is and how it is beneficial to us as well as who needs it and who can give it. As well as how many times it needs to be transfused. Plasma is the liquid in our blood. The blood in our body is 55% plasma while 45% is red particles, white particles and platelets.

What is plasma

How does plasma benefit us?

છે Controls the blood pressure in our body and does not allow its amount to rise.

Supplies protein to prevent blood clots.

✓ Our muscles have enough sodium and potassium

Maintains pH balance in the body

Generates antibodies

Who needs it?

✓ Covid to the patient
ઓને To burn individuals
ને Trauma patient

How long is the plasma stored and how often does it have to be added?

After taking plasma from a healthy person, it is frozen at a temperature of 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) and has to be used in just 24 hours.

If the frozen plasma is to be transferred from one place to another, it has to be added in just 4 hours.

How often can it be done?

A maximum of plasma can be donated every 28 days and 13 times a year

How long does it take to donate plasma?

Takes about 1 to 1.15 hours

Who can give

✓ Any healthy person
વ્યક્તિ 18 to 60 year old person
વ્યક્તિ Covid person after 28 days (covid positive) and up to 90 days
✓ 50 kg. Persons above

Who can’t give?

✓ Not a COVID patient
✓ 18 years and below
✓ Any woman who has missed becoming a mother once in her life
✓ Have low hemoglobin (below 12)
Have been vaccinated in the last 28 days.
In the last 3 months he has had to take blood or change himself

(Although our information is the best information available, any blood bank, doctor pathologist can give more accurate information about this)

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