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What to Do if You Have to Keep the LPG Cylinder Unused for a Long Time

What to Do: The safety of the LPG cylinder is much needed. In general, we see that many accidents are caused by the negligence of the consumer. This is due to lack of information. When using an LPG cylinder, it often happens that the cylinder does not have to be used for a long time.

Consumers have to be kept unused for 6 to 2 years. There are so many types of questions in people’s minds. The same question is how can this be done if the LPG cylinder has to be kept for a long time?

How to keep an LPG gas cylinder safe

According to the information available on the gas agency’s website, if a consumer does not want to use the cylinder for a long time, the regulator should be removed from the cylinder and the cap should be sealed.

At the same time the cylinder should be placed in a dry place. Doing so will keep the cylinder safe. The cylinder should be kept away from any place where there is any flame or water. The gas in LPG does not degrade or deteriorate. This can keep the damage without damage for a long time.

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Let’s say don’t turn on the electronic switch during a gas leak and make sure to turn off the stove knob. This is a big mistake people usually make and burn matches to turn on the lpg gas leak. What to Do

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