What to learn from Agastya Muni ?

What to learn from Agastya Muni?

The most important aspect of preparing any other of Agastya Muni or Saptakrishis is their cultivation. His whole life was spent in preparation and preparation. It is said that he practiced for eighty-four years. The time of eighty-four years means a lot in terms of human systems and the process of the universe. Everything that could be done to a human being, they carried out all those processes. He touched on all eighty-four aspects of the human system, worked on them and prepared himself. The question arises that how long did it take to give the real education to Adiyogi Shiva? Its number is more symbolic than reality. It may have taken twelve months, twelve years, or a hundred and forty-four years. We do not know this But whatever could be discovered or discovered, it was only done by these seven people. Parivati ​​was also refused by Adiyogi Shiva for this work.


What to learn from agastya muni?

What to learn from Agastya Muni?

Though Adiyogi gave Parvati the experience, he did not give her science to Parvati. Because the Adiyogi did not see that level of preparation in them. He saw tremendous ability to receive these Saptarishis, so got them done, he shared everything with them. He taught them by dividing the entire knowledge into seven parts and sixteen ways. He then took the final test of them, in which they all surrendered sixteen ways to the Adiyogi, who had met them. The preparation, attention and concentration of these seven sages towards their ultimate was so tremendous that after so many years they were ready to give up everything they had got.

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In other words, this whole story tells that the Saptaris did not drip from the sky. Even at the time of his birth, nothing special had happened – neither a new star came out, nor there was a thunder in the sky. Everyone was born in a very normal way. No one even knows where he was born in India. A woman may have given birth to them in some small place. Those people did not come from heaven, they prepared themselves here. That means it doesn’t matter who you are, how you were born, who your parents were, your What kind of karma is there, you can make yourself if you are willing. Even the largest tree in the forest must have prepared itself. Today we see the giant tree with great surprise, but it must have been a small plant just a few years ago. Just think how much this tree must have fought for its existence in the last sixty years. Destructive wild life, ever dry weather, struggle with fellow trees to get sunlight and water, what conditions must he have gone through. Because the food served for them is not exposed in the plate. It is an unprecedented practice for him. Today we are staring at them with astonishment. In the same way, we have to look at Agastya and other Saptaris with surprise, because these humans do not look like ordinary humans. These people look very special and they have made themselves.

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After all, how did they work? This preparation was the most important aspect of his personality. Even if they had to take eighty-four births for preparation, they were ready for this too. Let us assume that Agastya Muni was born in a local village here. He went to the Himalayas to get Adiyogi Shiva. What do you think the villagers are talking about Agastya? Do you think they would be praising Agastya Muni’s parents for saying ‘Hey your son has become a great saint!’ They must have made fun of his parents, “Where is your stupid son now?” Adiyogi did not come back to meet Shiva, they must have laughed seeing him, see that he came back wearing a tiger skin and looks like a wild creature! Today, even if we look at such people with surprise, it was not important in their own time. They did not get any recognition or appreciation for this. Nobody played applause for them. Everyone must have thought he was a worthless person, who left his parents and went away. Amidst all these circumstances, he did not get deterred from his path, he just went on his way, went on walking. One thing was that his direction was fixed, and secondly, whatever happens, he chose a way to live in grace and not to withdraw from his work.

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