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Whatsapp Needs This Feature to Log in to the Web Amid Privacy Disputes

Whatsapp Needs This Feature: Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has come up with a new feature for the web and desktop amid the privacy controversy.

New feature to login to WhatsApp web
WhatsApp doesn’t just open with QR Code
The new feature came amid a privacy controversy

What is this new feature
This new feature requires users to do verification to turn on the WhatsApp web.

This verification will be done by fingerprint scanning or recognition. The feature is expected to be rolled out later this week.

WhatsApp doesn’t just open with QR Code
According to WhatsApp, users need to use Face or Fingerprint Unlock on the phone before scanning the QR code to connect their WhatsApp account to the web or desktop. Until now, WhatsApp was only open with QR code.

This is how you can use the feature

First open WhatsApp in WhatsApp web or desktop
Then click on the three dots in the upper right hand side and go to settings
Now click on WhatsApp or desktop
Click on Link a Device
After doing so, follow the biometric authentication process of the phone
Be aware that whenever a QR code is scanned and your account is not open elsewhere. If so, log it out immediately.
WhatsApp will be able to run more than one on the desktop
WhatsApp users may also get the multi-device login feature soon. After some time users will be able to run WhatsApp on the desktop simultaneously.

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